Pep in Your Sex Drive : Peptide 141

Written by our staff reviewed and approved by Dr. Latcham

Venice Beach HRT– Pep in Your Sex Drive_ Peptide 141

What is it?

PT-141 is a synthetic peptide known as a bremelanotide and is a compound injectable used to treat sexual dysfunction by stimulating melanocortin receptors in the brain. This peptide effectively treats low libidos for men and women. It also treats erectile dysfunction in men. PT-141’s intended use is to enhance sexual desire and increase sexual satisfaction in both men and women. 

PT-141 in Men

PT-141 works differently than pills on the market to treat ED as it has been shown to increase physical arousal and genital circulation. This difference helps to eliminate chances of a prolonged and uncomfortable erection as it is not just affecting blood flow but arousal. This also increases the ability to perform sexually as there is a strong connection between sexual arousal and performance sexually. It also may stimulate dopamine release. 

PT-141 in Women

A common age-related disorder for women is hypoactive sexual desire disorder which causes a lack of sexual fantasies or desire for sexual activity. PT 141’s primary clinical benefit is an increase in sexual desire in premenopausal women with the diagnosis of HSDD. PT-141’s second main benefit is that it increases the frequency with which premenopausal women with HSDD experience “satisfying sexual events”.

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