What is a Peptide and Why Would I Want to Take One?

Venice Beach HRT– What is a Peptide and Why Would I Want to Take One

Most western-trained healthcare providers practicing today have little to no training about what peptides do or how they improve health. I know this because I have been a US-born and trained physician since 1988. My wife Dr. Susan is an experienced nurse practitioner with her doctorate from Creighton. Most of our time is spent diagnosing DISEASE and treating that disease with FDA-approved prescription medications.

Functional medicine focuses on maintaining optimal health by maximizing and improving the physiology and function of all interconnected organ systems and cells with treatments that affect the environment, diet, lifestyle, and social effects. So, what are peptides and how could they maximize full body and mind health?

Peptides act as hormones, growth factors, neurotransmitters, or anti-infectives. They bind to cell receptors and trigger intracellular effects with high specificity, like the way biologics, proteins, and antibodies work. Some advantages of peptides include less side effects, lower production costs, oral administration, and good cell membrane penetration.

Dr. Susan and the medical staff at Venice Beach HRT have trained, researched, and vetted each of the peptides we offer in our practice. We select and prescribe those peptides that we believe are most clinically effective, affordable, and backed by published credible science.

We look forward to helping every client at Venice Beach reach and keep optimal physical, mental, and emotional health. Please review some of the short monographs of just a few of the most common peptides we offer.

Live long, live well, and prosper.
Dr. Allan P. Latcham MD, FACC
Dr. Susan Latcham DNP, NP